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Chantosweb developers
Chantosweb developers

Why us

About our website designs and development experience

We have been in the industry designing simple websites, e commerce websites, web applications and content management system (CMS) for more than three years now

Our Mission

Our mision is to ensure that our clients get responsive, efficient, fast loading and more importantly search engine optimized(SEO) friendly websites


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Chantosweb developers


We design and develop custom websites for our clients with both application(CMS) and a website. We use light and fast loading tech stack to increase loading speed

Over the years we have designed and built ecommerce websites, essay writting websites, simple websites among others

Our Portfolio

Get yourself the best ecommerce website for your cake shop

This website was designed with speed and efficiency in mind hence leveraging the power of the Qwikjs and Tailwind CSS. Qwikjs is designed with speed at its core. It Displays cakes and various cake favors with mouth-watering visuals and exquisite customer experience

Step into Style: Explore Our Shoe Ecommerce Website

This website is meant to exploit the shoe industry by leveraging speed for better and seamless performance, hence wonder user experience. It is built with Nextjs and tailwind css

Elevate Your Wedding Card Selling Experience with custom website

A custom wedding card website offers unparalleled design flexibility. Tailored to match unique preferences, it provides a personalized platform for showcasing memorable wedding cards. From elegant templates to intricate details, every aspect is customizable, ensuring couples can showcase their individual style and set the perfect tone for their special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a simple website cost?

As low $200 but It depends on what you want accomplished for your website

Suppose I want a website build within a day is that possible?

In programming and science Nothing is impossible given the right resources and time.

If I have a design in mind or a website I want emulated is it possible to get what i want?

Yes its possible, given the right resources and time we can build you your dream website

How much does a single-page website cost?

A single page website sometimes refered to landing page cost as low as $200 depending on its specs.

How much does a an e-commerce website cost?

Every customer has specific needs in regards to what they want reflected on they final product and thus its hard to estimate the amount. Simply put e-commerce shopping website are alittle expensive and the best way to get a figure is to contact us

But you can get one for as low as $300

How much time does a an online application takes to desing and build?

Well online applications differ in their application demands and sophistication thus its hard to estimate the amount of time it will take to build one.

Which is the best technology when one wants a website/web application?

This is a complex question given the large number of technologies out there. Look at it this way one can write the same sentence in chinesse, spanish, english, german ect. if you proficient in the languages the receipient would understand what you need.

Yes some technologies are efficient than others but it all comes down to the type of application you want build and its sophistication. .